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The weekly outlook-What to expect(14th to 19th Aug)

To all binary options traders, this week will definitely be an exciting one to watch. The escalating tensions between United States and North Korea took a toll on global markets by the Friday close. With the standoff likely to continue through this week-for reasons known only to the two lunatics (I didn’t mention names)-the tension is likely to induce volatility on a wide array of assets. Well, it’s just a natural reaction to the tension. Here are some of other events to be on the lookout for.

In a nutshell…
• Wal-Mart Stores quarterly earnings in the pipeline
• The german election campaigns
• Renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
• Japan’s GDP data

Economic events to be on the look out for

German Elections Campaigns

Angel Merkel, Reigning chancellor, officially kicks off a week of intensive campaigns after a three week hiatus. Merkel’s poll ratings have declined by almost 10 percent for a period of three months. On the bright side, her main challenger is also down but interestingly, by roughly 4 percent.

The events in Germany will definitely play a part, albeit small, in EURUSD volatility. Currently,eurusd is on edge and is leaning on the 1000-pips trading range.

Japan’s GDP release for second quarter(Monday)

For 3 quarters in a row, quarterly growth has stagnated at 0.3%.However, considering long term data; the economy has been on a roll for 6 quarters, Japan’s longest streak in over a decade.

Analysts are predicting a 2.5 percent annual growth rate which would showcase a growing economy.

The markets to watch in this case include Nikkei 225,Topix and JPY crosses. It is worth noting that Nikkei has been on an uptrend since June 2016. In addition, it crossed the 196000.00 resistance level on 8th may.

Germany GDP(Teusday)

On Tuesday, Eur is likely to trade stronger than USD and hence a Call option should suffice for swing traders. Germany’s growth rate for the second quarter is expected to stagnate at 0.6 percent. However, the annual reading is predicted to hike to 2.1 percent.

The markets to watch in this case include Euro Stoxx 50,Stoxx 600,CAC 40 and the DAX.

UK inflation (Tuesday)

Uk inflation is expected to rise to 2.7%.Also,The Bank of England is looking forward for the rate to hit the 3% mark later in the year.

The likely markets to be affected by the index are FTSE 100 and GBP crosses.

US-retail sales (Tuesday)

After the 0.2% decline in June, U.S. retail sales are expected to back to a positive figure. The market to watch in this case is the USD crosses.

NAFTA Negotiations(Wednesday)

Slated for Wednesday ,NAFTA negotiations between Mexico and Canada are likely to affect Mexican markets either positively or negatively depending on the direction the negotiations take.USD/MXN has declined by 20% this year, thanks to the weak dollar.

US FOMC minutes (Wednesday)

FOMC minutes will give clues on when the Fed will continue tightening their grip and how soon they will act. Markets to watch include global Indices, precious metals(especially Gold) and USD crosses.

UK retail sales for July (Thursday)

Monthly figures are known for their hard to predict fluctuations. The monthly figures still impact markets and hence it’s imperative to indentify a trend.

Expect the UK retail sales data be near 0.4% for the quarter and roughly 3.2% for the year.

Markets likely to be affected include FTSE 100 and GBP crosses.

Wal-Mart earnings

The retail giant, Wal-Mart will report earnings for the quarter ending July on Thursday. EPs forecasts $1.06 against $1.07 YoY.

Wal-Mart signaled an uptrend resumption on 3rd August after climbing over $80.47 peak established in June.

On Friday, there are a number of events lined up .For instance, Eurozone-construction output for June is expected to stagnate at 2.5%.

Other events scheduled for Friday include Michigan Consumer Sentiment, U.S. Manufacturing PMI and U.S. New Home Sales; all likely to affect U.S. indices and USD.

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