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Top Online Trading Courses

Many trading schools have sprung up over the years. It is very hard to know which ones are good. There are several factors that one must take into account when choosing a day trading course. One of the most important things to look at is how much experience the person offering the course has. Many people will try to sell courses claiming that they will teach you to be a professional trader in a couple of months. It is not uncommon to find that these people have been trading for less than five years and do not have expertise in the area.

A good trading course is concise and engaging to the student. It should equip the student with the necessary skills for them to trade on their own because this is the reason for taking the course. Some online courses are notorious for demanding payments each month so that they can reveal a trick that was not available in the course. Outlined below are the best trading courses available right now. These courses have been selected based on the above criteria. They are widely known for their professionalism.

The Day Trading Academy is an online course that focuses solely on futures trading. The course material consists of texts accompanied by video content. One gets access to three months of live trading classes, one-on-one mentoring, and weekly webinars for three thousand dollars. There are exercises after the end of each topic. They can be submitted to be reviewed by the teachers of the course. Their model depends on price action. They do not rely on any indicators in the market. This course starts off with the basics and then progresses towards more complex principles. One-to-one lessons are critical. People can get more mentoring time at a small extra cost. Marcello Arambide started DTA in 2011. He has been trading since 2002. He has done the trading for more than ten years.

One of the most prominent trading schools today is the Online Trading Academy (OTA). It offers courses in stock and options. It has been in operation since the early 2000s. They offer free resources on trading. There are more than a hundred traders in the school’s community. The school mainly focuses on the imbalance between supply and demand that is considered low-risk trading. Stock traders are first shown how to draft a trading plan and how to set up a trading system that is based on rules.

The Professional Trading Workshop is divided into two parts that cost $1,995 and $4,995. These courses are divided into short online sessions that one can go through at their leisure. People are free to take it again as many times as they like in the future if they have already taken a course. OTA offers more advanced courses to those that are willing to learn about other markets.

Winner’s Edge Trading is a trading school that offers training in the forex market. The school has close to a hundred thousand subscribers who receive its free content. The price of joining the trading room is $197. It is not too hefty. The school offers a personal mentoring program where traders are hooked up with a professional trader. Students are first taken through the basics. They are then shown advanced strategies as the course progresses. Students are given a demo account that is monitored by a professional who provides feedback on the account activity after completing the training.

TradePro Academy is a top trading school that offers various online courses. Their Path to Profits course focuses on the options market and teaches students a tested trading strategy. Some of the topics that students are taken through include managing trades, assessing risk, building a trading plan, and capital management. One can pay a one-time fee of $150 or subscribe to get all the courses for just $80 each month.

The Stock Whisperer is an online platform that offers training and mentorship on day trading. The school has several courses including Counting Cards on Wall Street and What’s Inside the Candle. The courses are divided into three parts. They are priced differently. The Rudy Package offers traders all the courses combined for just $600. The school was started by Stefanie Kammerman who began trading in 1994. Stefanie offers free advice each day on the stocks to watch.


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